Thursday, March 24, 2011

House Updates

As I mentioned before, we made a few changes to the house when we bought it. We spray painted some light fixtures to match the rest in the house, painted some bathroom cupboards, etc. We are still working on a few things, we will post those later.

The biggest project so far, was the kitchen. We knew that if we didn't do something in the kitchen NOW, we probably wouldn't do it after moving in. We had a limited budget for this project, so here is what we came up with:

BEFORE the changes:

We had the counters redone and had one of Daniel's friends put up the bead board around the island. I am happy with the results, and it didn't cost much so Daniel is happy too!

Cambria Walking!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The NEW house!

Okay so TONS has happened since we posted last, however, the event everyone has been asking me about is our BIG move to the NEW house. So for those who have been waiting.......... here are some pics of the house. I know, you're so excited, right?!

We will catch up on other posts later. Oh, Oh, I must quickly add: Cambria can walk now!! It's really funny, and cute! I will post a video later.

The family room

The downstairs bathroom

The backyard

The living room

The master bedroom

More pictures to come.
We have done a few updates so we will show you the "before" and "after" in our next post.

Love you all!

- Daniel, Janel, Henrik, and Cambria