Monday, March 22, 2010

Shhhhhh don't tell Daniel

Shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell Daniel....
that I got Henrik's hair cut today! I'm not sure what it is about Daniel, but he loves hair to be longish on men. He only gets his hair cut about every three months it seems. His thing right now is that he wants to look like Almanzo, from the show, LIttle House on the Prarie (see above). I am not sure what fuels this obsession but I still love him as silly as he seems.

Here are the cute pics of Henrik. He was acting sad because his Grandma and Grandpa Jorgensen just left. They were in on the whole scheme. I figure Daniel can't be upset because he just got his hair cut and Great Grandma and Grandpa McCormick are coming today soooooo I figured they deserve to see our child well groomed


Oh, just so you all know Daniel will find out in about 5 mins, so you don't have to keep this secret long : )

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cambria's Exercise Video

Monday, March 15, 2010

Henrik - Shake My Bum Bum

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Henrik Loves To Vacuum

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The children!

Here are a few random pics of the kids.


Henrik! He likes to play before he falls asleep.

Henrik loves to hold Cambria. We just have to keep a close watch because he loves to smother her with kisses and hugs and she starts screaming.

Here are the cupcakes that we had at Henrik's b-day while we were in Parma! Marijike, and Sarai made them.

Henrik at his party. I'm not sure what is going on with his hair.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Strollers and MORE!

We just got this stroller for a great deal! It's the Phil and Ted's VIBE stroller.

The great thing about any Phil and Ted's stroller is it works great as a single stroller as well as a double, thus making it a great "first child investment." The strollers can GROW with your family without being big and bulky in the mean time. Check it out here!

I am super excited to have a stroller that can fit two children. It also has attachments that you can get to put your car seat on the front. Another option is to carry your newborn in the front seat because it fully reclines. The back seat reclines too for a great sleeping position. This is the high end of the Phil and Ted strollers brand but we got it cheaper than buying a new classic which is the lowest priced Phil and Ted's stroller. I was so excited!

Here are some other big baby products that I love!
To see other products and deals that I talk about check out my other blog -

This is the Phil and Teds Traveller. I think this would be another great solution to travelling with your children. It is a lot smaller to pack than a pack and play. It also come in red and a graffiti print. I heard that Costco on-line is selling them for $100 which is a deal for this product. To learn more about this product click on this link TRAVELLER.

This is the Schwinn Joyride. It is made for two children and has a padded seat. It also can fit through doors! If you and your family ride bike a lot this would be a great choice. It acts as a stroller and bike trailer. To learn more about this product click on the following link JOYRIDE.

This is the Chicco Keyfit car seat. This comes in different colors and patterns. It has great safety ratings. I own one and love it! To learn more about this product click on this link CARSEAT.

The Peapod made by Kidco. It comes in many different colors and sizes. I would use this in place of a pack and play when traveling. To learn more see this link PEAPOD.

This is a bugaboo stroller which I love because it reminds me of the buggies in Denmark. They have really cool products but they do not make a double stroller. To learn more about their products check out this link BUGABOO.

Share your great baby products with me!