Thursday, January 29, 2009

Henrik's Birthday!

Henrik's Cake made by Aunt Brooke.

Henrik found this bag while I wasn't looking. Julene did his hair.

Cute aunt Julene and Aunt Brooke in the background : )

Henrik blowing out his candle. Okay really I blew it out.

Pin the pic on the guitar! Henrik did it!

Thanks to Monica for taking pictures for us!
Oh for more pics go to my facebook account OR see Julene, or Brooke and Kent's blog.

Daniel's performance

So this happened a while ago but we are trying to catch up........ Daniel, Stephen and Julene performed at I-night (a big party at the beginning of the semester). They did a great job. I think you can find the video's on Daniel's facebook account. After the performance we went and had fun. Three of us couples hung out we were pretty much the only married people there but it was fun anyway. Some of us did the bungee run, jousting, monster boxing (I beat Daniel of course), and an obstacle course. I can't get the pictures to up load right there may or may not be evidence posted later.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Homemade Mini Guitar Amplifier

Here is a guitar amp that I built for my travel guitar

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You're Invited to a PARTY!

Henrik turns ONE tomorrow so we are celebrating his birthday with a party this Saturday!

If you are in the area and can come you are invited.
Also know that no present is necessary, he already has plenty.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Henrik with Grandpa Hulbert.
Henrik taking a bubble bath.
Henrik trying to feed daddy! He's so good at sharing : )
The results of an ugly sweater contest.

Aunt Julene and Henrik in the new suit she bought him.

The parking lot when we returned home from Boise.
Henrik stealing everything he can from other people's stockings.
Henrik's new suit!
Henrik with his dad, Uncle Ben and Uncle Stephen. We really enjoyed having them over every Sunday for dinner. Oh, and these are their ugly sweaters.

This is a video we took with our new camera we got for Christmas. You see we set it on a feature that took a picture about every five minutes for about an hour. Thus it makes it look like a fast forwarded an hour.

This was taken at the Jorgensen's house Christmas morning right before we talked to Elder Jorgensen on the phone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Big Jud's

Janel, Henrik, and I went to Big Jud's to celebrate the semester's end. Big Jud's is famous for the one pound burger. Janel and I both got the one pound burger. I am sad to say that Janel finished first. Everyone that finished gets their picture on the wall, so if you ever go we should be there on the wall! Oh and the burgers taste really good at first I mean they really are a quality burger...but by the end it's like eating rubber.