Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Waiting Game - Having Faith

For those who don't know, Daniel has been interviewing and looking for jobs. He graduates in December. He has made it through all the rounds of interviews at two companies so now we are waiting to hear from them. We should know in a couple weeks what offers he will get.

We are excited to see what our future holds. It is a little stressful though just waiting, especially since we will be close to having our baby about the same time that we could be moving. I will also need to train a new manager here at work so I am trying to write up a training plan. Also, if he gets both offers we will have to decide which job would be best for our family.

I have found that I have been getting way more stressed than Daniel over this. I blame this partly on my pregnancy. Daniel says we can't really worry until we know what is going to happen. So I guess I need to practice FAITH yet again. It seems you can never have enough faith.